Ryan N. Phillips (Lumiére) and the cast of NETworks Presents Disney's Beauty and the Beast

 Ryan N. Phillips (Lumiére) and the cast of NETworks Presents Disney's Beauty and the Beast


As Frederic [in Pirates of Penzance], Ryan N. Phillips be a handsome and well-sung male lead.  He be sporting a fine voice and is capable of making the ladies weak in the knees.   - Jacques Lamarre, BroadwayWorld

The actors are game and likable, especially Lumiere as played by Ryan N. Phillips. The "Be Our Guest" number, a festive extravaganza featuring kitchenware, remains as irresistible entertainment and was the highlight of the show.   - Tara Bennett, BroadwayWorld

The supporting players spice things up, especially Ryan N. Phillips as the candelabra Lumiere (you can't go wrong with a Steve Martin-style French accent).  - Tim Smith, Baltimore Sun

Another stand out to me was Ryan N. Phillips (Lumiere). He had me doubling over with laughter at points. He was so charismatic on stage, and he constantly grabbed the attention of the audience. His portrayal of Lumiere was something that I adored so much I couldn’t help but address.   - Christopher Peterson, OnStage

The other sidekick who glows is Lumiere, played deliciously French by Ryan N. Phillips. From his exaggerated inflection to his emphatic body movements, as a candleholder, Phillips makes it a pleasure to, ahem, be his guest at the Beast’s castle.   - Don Chareunsy, Las Vegas Sun

Ryan N. Phillips made a fantastic Lumiere. He added some unexpected pathos which one doesn’t often see in a sentient candlestick. You could also tell that he was having an absolute blast with the part.   - Jenny Lengsfield, HeavyJumbo

One of the best characters of the night was Ryan N. Phillips' portrayal of the affectionate candelabra Lumiere, who was oddly reminiscent of comedic actor Steve Martin.   - Claire Munn, Louisville News and Tribune

Ryan N. Phillips is a consistent scene-stealer as Lumiere, the mischievous candelabra. He leads the cast through a fittingly spectacular "Be Our Guest."   - Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle